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The Great War in Flanders Fields - Learn more about World War I in the Westhoek, the western part the Province of West-Flanders

The UK National Archives - Using documents, images and film, from the Public Record Office's 1000 year old collection, the 'Learning Curve' investigates a Variety of historical topics ranging from Medieval cartoons to The Cold War. There is an extensive section on the First World War that features many original documents presented for the first time in 'the raw'.

An Unfortunate Region - A website about the Great War battlefields and individuals by Peter van den Heuvel & Marco Hoveling.

Shall I Get To Blighty? - Harold George Macklon was a soldier in the East Surrey Regiment of the British Army 1914-1918. He fought on the front at Loos and Meroc in France and guarded German prisoners of war. Shortly after his return to Britain, Harold wrote a journal of his adventures in the Great War - an honest tale of trenches, battlefields and modest bravery.


The Victoria Publishing Company specialise in the military history of Canada. They have published five books, their newest is the biography of Captain John MacGregor V.C., M.C. and Bar, D.C.M., the man who won more awards for valour than any other soldier in all of Canada’s armies. http://mwarbooks.homestead.com/index.html

Publications of the Great War series of books and booklets, plus others. http://ww1books.co.uk/